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piano tuning


Pianos require regular tuning. Seasonal humidity changes are the most common cause of a piano going out of tune, however all pianos will go out of tune over time.

The piano is tuned by adjusting the tension on the piano strings by turning the tuning pins. Dynamic Piano Service uses both computer assisted tuning and trained ear tuning to bring your piano back into tune.


The moving parts of a piano (the action parts) are mainly made of wood, cloth and felt. These materials can wear, settle and become compressed with use and over time, causing noise in the action or causing moving parts to stick or work improperly.

When regulating your piano, Dynamic Piano Service will make adjustments needed to compensate for wear and will adjust moving parts to achieve proper alignment, spacing and clearance. Regulation can make your piano feel and perform like new.


Given the amount of moving parts in a piano, it is inevitable that some of the parts will wear out or break.

Dynamic Piano Service replaces flange bushings, strings, springs, key tops and more to keep pianos working properly.


Dynamic Piano Service offers voicing services which adjust the sound / tone of the piano. Voicing should be done when the piano is in good regulation and is tuned properly.

Voicing is achieved by adjusting the alignment and shape of the hammers that strike the strings, and by hardening or softening the hammer felt to achieve the desired tone.


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